Bewegung für Leben – Transformation


The only stable thing in life is the change. The acceptances that we are in a system of constant movement and change is radically challenging, but can also bring a big relieve. Naturally we are trying to hold on to the "known" having anxiety from the "unknown". We are holding on to whatever gives us joy or sometimes sorrow, just because it is familiar.

Life is a process of forming and transforming. Our cells, our skin, the chemistry of our blood, the liquids within our joints, the firmness of our muscles and the structures of our bones, all those are always transforming. Our minds changes throughout a day several times around an urgent topic, our focus of attention drifts towards more or less stimulations, our hearts expand and contract numerously through each breath and our souls are dancing towards and away from our bodies, waiting for a moment of shine. How can we hold on to all this internal and external transformation and live in peace with all those changes inside out and how can we radically accept them, is the art of this workshop.

In this six sessions of a closed group we will explore how conscious dance and movement combined with other tools can resource us through our personal and communal journey of transformation.

This course suit you if you wish to explore and learn how to:

  • get a deeper body, mind and emotional awareness.
  • resource yourself through bodywork and mindfulness.
  • deal with challenging situations with heart-fulness and truthfulness.
  • try things in a safe supporting group of same minded people.
  • gain more awareness and clarity in relationships.
  • set good borders between you and others.
  • choose to respond rather then react.
  • name and frame where you are right now in your life and where would you like to see yourself.
  • bring more lightness and joy into your life.

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