Rashmi V. Bhatt

 Bhatt Rashmi V.

Born in India, Rashmi V. Bhatt grew up in Pondicherry, in an environment permeated with dance, theater and Indian music. He studied the art of Tabla, the typical percussion of India, under the guidance of SHRI TORUN BANERJEE. After he moved to Europe, he is constantly invited to perform in concerts with masters like Krishna Bhatt, S. SHANKAR, Debiprasad Ghosh, Pandit Chaurasia, Pandit Arvind Parikh, with Ostad Mohammad Eqbal and Majid Darakhshani from Iran ect. ... in France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy, Dubai, Marocco and Tunisia.

He is fascinated by the possibility of experimentation and fusion between different ethnic groups and their musical languages and has collaborated with musicians like the Kenyan singer AYUB OKAD, german trumpet player MARCUS STOCKHAUSEN, the famous Pakistani singer NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN and guitarist and a Canadian producer MICHAEL BROOK. He has toured with world famous pop singer SHAKIRA. Last month, he was invited to perform with the reputed Pop/Rock star STING in the middle east. In recent years, his main research has been oriented towards the discovery of different cultures and their musical languages, hence a variety of projects with musicians from countries, from MAROCCO to PERSIA, from AFGHANISTAN to MALI, from SYRIA to BRAZIL. He was invited to perform at the prestigious WOMEX FESTIVAL in October 2010 in Copenhagen. In 2015, Rashmi was invited to perform at the European Parliament, in Bruxelles. He is the Art Director of WORLD RHYTHM FESTIVAL in Italy.

Rashmi is often invited to International Congresses to present a History of Indian Music and to talk on the structures of Raga and Rhythms of Indian Classical Music. He does the same also in the National Music Conservatories of Italy, France and Spain and also does Workshops on RHYTHM for the children all over europe with aim of Inter Action between two Cultures called INTERCULTURE which helps a lot the Integration of different Cultures.

He lives between Rome, Italy and Pondicherry, South India.

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