Idan Meir

 Meir Idan

Idan Meir (MFA) is a Conscious Dance Teacher (Open Floor International), a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (IY-UK), a Theatre Director, Writer and Dramaturge (Master of Fine Arts from Tel Aviv University). He is the Founder of Bewegung für Leben (Dance Project for old people with dementia from two geriatric departments in Donauspital). He is located in Vienna since 2015, teaching in Shambhala, Dr. Schmida and other places. He is living with his beloved wife and son, Marion and Jonathan.

"I believe that movement is life and that life is movement. This two words are the same for me. Where there is movement there is life. In my teachings I am trying to find more movement of the body, more awareness and clarity of the mind and a deeper connection to our unique souls and to the vast of spirit. I intend to learn the patterns of our movements and to allow them to grow towards the possibilities that they fold, to look at our fixed, stiffed habits of our minds and to find softness and fluidity in them, to learn to listen to our human ‘hungers’ and to encourage us to follow them. I am using all I can grab from my tool box and experience of 18 years of teaching. The wisdom and body understanding from Yoga and Meditation, the funny and the intro-perspective games and exercises from theatre and theatre of the oppressed, the depth and joy of movement and dance. I believe that every learning process have to be done with respect and pleasure. I am always looking forward to meeting new curios beings to explore life with."

Foto: © Idan Meir