Transformation in Relations 1

"Body, Mind & Soul"


Entfalte deine Seele wie ein Schmetterling seine Flügel! Lass alles Alte hinter dir, erinnere dich, bedanke dich, verabschiede dich und tanze dann leicht in ein neues Jetzt! Zu ausgesuchter Musik kannst du in dieser dreistündigen Veranstaltung unter der Leitung von Idan Meir im Tanz dein freies Ich entdecken. Du bestimmst, wie du dich einbringst und lässt dich dabei von den Impulsen deines Körpers und deiner Seele leiten.


Life is a process of forming and transforming. Our cells, our skin, the chemistry of our blood, the focus of our mind and the joy of our souls are in a constant change.
How can we hold on all this internal and external transformation and stay in peace with ourselves and with the others is the main art of Transformation in Relations.

Transformation in Relations is a double course devided to two parts of 3 sessions.

Transformation in Relations 1 – "Body, Mind & Soul" (Februar – März)
In Transformation in Relations 1, we will look at our relationship with our Bodies, Minds and Souls. We will explore our phisycal and mind habits and will try to find more clarity, focus, choices and possibilities. We will learn how dance can be a tool for exploration and transformation which we can apply in our daily life.

Transformation in Relations 2 – "Me, You & Spirit" (Mai – Juni)
In Transformation in Relations 2 we will look at our relationships with our selves first in order to look at our relationships with the others and finaly with spirit. We will learn our habits and our possibilities of change. We will explore how dance and movement can bring awerness, clarity and power to transform us, as on the dance floor - in life.

This course suit you if you wish to:

  • Get a deeper body, mind and emotional awareness.
  • Resource yourself through bodywork and mindfulness.
  • Deal with challenging situations with heart-fulness and truthfulness.
  • Try things in a safe supporting group of same minded people.
  • Gain more awareness and clarity in relationships.
  • Set good borders between you and others.
  • Choose to respond rather then react.
  • Name and frame where you are right now in your life and where would you like to see yourself.
  • Bring more lightness and joy into your life.

You can chose both Transformation 1 and 2, or either part 1 or part 2. You don't have to take part 1 in order to attend part 2.

Classes are in English, translation on demand is available

I am looking forward to meeting and dancing with you,

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