Ayurveda & Tantra – Seminare

Yogic Relationships: When You Love You Live Powerfully!

03.12.2021 – 05.12.2021

Martina Dobrovicova

David Frawley

Yogini Shambhavi

Harmonize – Spiritualize – Empower with Tantra – Ayurveda – Jyotisha – Mantra

The Yogi/ni is ever mindful of witnessing love in the presence of every moment with a deep reverence for divinity. Seminar topics: Mantra Yoga: Power to Heal – Harmonize – Energize. Tantra Yoga: Harmonizing Our Senses & Sensual Nature. Ayurveda: Prana Shakti the Life Force. Secrets of the Moon & Mind in Vedic Astrology. Understanding Gratitude & Graciousness. Ritualizing Our Lives with Sacred Practices.