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Single Splendour Stroke

Selbsterfahrung in Bewegung mit Butoh

Einer unserer zahlreichen Shambhala Gratiswoche Termine zum Reinschmökern. Die Shambhala Gratiswoche findet von MO 20.02. – SO 26.02.2023 statt.

One splendour stroke instead of hundreds of movement

When we encounter a masterpiece of a Japanese tea bowl, it is so silent and ordinary. It expresses nothing or insists on anything, and yet it represents a vast universe in a single bowl. Here, intricate colours, designs, and shapes can often hide the essence beneath…
Instead of hundreds of flowing lines of movements, we will explore one splendour stroke. A single stroke that expands into the vast space. One that leads us to recognise the stillness behind the movement. One filled with the primordial richness of existence beyond mere emotional and sentimental confessions. In search of the ground of existence, the space behind the movement of body and mind, let the wind dance in the sky.

The workshop will include:
– preparing the body to be an objective object
– exploring external anatomy and contemplative anatomy
– basic movement principles
– connecting breath and body
– different texture of movement
– deconstructing the concept of time
– reconnecting with silent space in the midst of the movement

Das Seminar wird auf Englisch unterrichtet mit deutscher Übersetzung.

Videos from the Workshop & Motoya:

Foto: © Motoya Kondo

 230 (FrühzahlerInnenpreis bis 14.07.2023)

08.09.2023 – 10.09.2023 FR 18:30 –  SO 17:30 Seminare JS1 (Shambhala, Josefstädterstraße 5, 1080 Wien) Edith Amann Motoya Kondo Veranstaltungs-Nr: 16256