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Moving with the Changing Times

Gastseminar mit Meredith Little

Einer unserer zahlreichen Shambhala Gratiswoche Termine zum Reinschmökern. Die Shambhala Gratiswoche findet von MO 18.09. – SO 24.09.2023 statt.

all of which can challenge our cultural and family upbringing and the ways in which we make decisions. How do we find new moral ground and our place in this unpredictable time with the daily awareness of what is happening in the global world around us as well as under our feet? This week is a chance for all of us to pause and catch up, in order to listen to what is arising in us as we move with change both personally and globally.

We imagine various forms of council during the week not to “solve the problem” but rather to express our thoughts, dreams, fears and excitement in this dynamic time as we listen deeply to each other and the messages of the land. We will look at the ways that we have forgotten our place in the vast network of nature, causing an imbalance across the web and impacting our lives in so many ways.

How do we move with change and find ways of living that do no harm to the land or each other while maintaining our own balance and compassion? What inspires us enough to let go of certain dysfunctional assumptions and actions that no longer work and that keep us separated from the land and each other? And how do we inspire others, including our children and communities, to do a similar soul searching?

We will have some form of council and teaching in the morning, solo time on the land in the afternoon, and sharing of stories and/or councils in the late afternoon.

Mit Meredith Little und Team!


Die Lichtung, NÖ/Waldviertel

Unterkunft & Verpflegung (inkl. Gebühr): € 478.– bis € 603.– (Bezahlung vor Ort)
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Additional costs
Board and lodging (fee is included): € 478.– to € 603.– (payment on site)
You can place your booking for the rooms directly with Claudia R. Pichl from the beginning of July.
You will be notified in time.

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In Kooperation mit Womenandearth, Susann Belz

Foto: © pixabay

 450 (FrühzahlerInnenpreis bis 10.06.2024)

09.09.2024 – 14.09.2024 MO 18:00 –  SA 14:00 Seminare Die Lichtung Meredith Little Veranstaltungs-Nr: 16379